Glow Furniture with Winter Events

February 27, 2020by Nick Zahra

As daylight savings come to an end and the evenings start to become longer, glow furniture becomes a popular party hire option for events. Whilst glow furniture does still work in the light, it definitely looks its most effective in lowly lit environments. On the east coast in the winter, it starts getting dark as early as 5:30pm. This is fine for glow party events, as all glow furniture hire is pre-charged and the battery can last between 6 to 8 hours.

When hiring glow furniture for winter events, here are the top things you should consider.

Outdoor events will need heating

Glow furniture can be set up indoor or outdoors and looks great in both settings. If you are planning an outdoor event though, you may need to consider setting up heating. Even though the days can still be warm in winter, the temperature does drop in the evening and most outdoor events need some kind of heating for guests to be comfortable. The most logical way to set up your heating is to place outdoor heaters in areas that people are most likely to congregate. When people still is when they will feel the cold most, which is why it’s sensible to place heaters around high tables and lounge areas. Outdoor heaters are usually gas operated and are easy to set up and maneuver in any event space area.

Blankets are a nice addition to outdoor lounges

Another option to heating is also a nice personal touch, is providing blankets for guests to use when they’re sitting on lounge seats. It creates a cosy atmosphere and is a welcomed gesture by guests. Depending on what colour you choose, you can also style your blankets to complement the lounge chair suites. All lounge chairs come in 16 glow colour variations, with the option to flash or strobe between colours, or select a fixed colour option. At Glow Furniture Hire we have single armchairs or double armchairs that can be extended to three, four and up to seven seater options. When extended, because each seat is technically an individual piece, you can set the colour for each chair seat to any option.

Glow cubes and spheres look great placed throughout a room

Glow cubes and spheres look extra magical at winter events. There’s something to the darker and colder evenings that makes glow furniture stand out even more. Cubes and spheres are less traditional than the regular high tables and chairs, which gives them have an extra special effect when placed in a room. Cube and sphere stools are suitable for creating smaller sitting areas and can be placed together with glow coffee tables. Cubes and cylinder stools are between 40cm to 45cm tall and 30cm to 40cm wide. These sizes are generally suitable for one person, however, there are also larger 80cm cube options that can seat two people comfortably.

Glow accessories

Glow ice buckets, shelf displays, ice tubs, decorative spheres, pillars letters and numbers might not be the first items that come to mind when looking to hire glow furniture – but they’re certainly popular and a hit at parties. Glow furniture has a wide range of cool accessories that make a funky addition to any event space – and the possibilities are practically endless! Glow ice buckets and tubs can be placed on bars or tables and are an ideal way to showcase the drink menu, or set up your bar to be self-service. Another option to show the drink menu is a shelf display, usually placed behind a bar to hold spirits – which in winter, whisky and gin are popular options!

Set a winter theme

Themes are always fun, and a clever way to help your guests forget about feeling cold! Christmas in July is a popular winter theme for parties, and glow furniture really helps bring the decor to life when planning a winter Christmas party! Other popular winter theme ideas that include glow furniture are wonderland, intergalactic, circus and frozen fantasy. Most themes tend to be more mystical inspired, in which glow furniture helps really bring that special effect to life!

Looking to hire glow furniture for your winter party event? Glow Furniture Hire has been helping customers for over fifteen years plan event hire across Melbourne and Sydney. Check out our full range of glow furniture available for hire here.

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