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November 30, 2019by Nick Zahra

If you haven’t had to hire glow furniture before, you probably aren’t even familiar with what types of hire options are available. It’s possible you’ve seen glow furniture in event photographs or media, but not actually ever seen it before for yourself. You might be asking how does glowing furniture even work?! Glow furniture gets its special effect from essentially being ‘lit up’ by LED lights which operate from a small, discrete battery pack (no cords) and are placed inside the furniture structure. The LED light has different colour settings which lights up the furniture its placed inside of. Because LED lights require very little power, they generate less heat which is what makes it possible to use within furnished settings! You can find our more about how glow furniture works here.

So if you’ve already decided that you like the effect of glow furniture, your next part of the decision process is to select what types of glow furniture you want. Here are the most popular options and combinations when it comes to glow furniture hire:

Glow pouf seating

Whether it’s a cube, a fancy twisted cube, a sphere chair, a cylinder seat, a bongo (drum-like shape) or a wider cylinder (like a traditional ottoman) glow pouf seating is a thing – and it looks great! Most glow poufs are 45cm high and anywhere between 30cm to 55cm wide, making them perfectly comfortable for lounging and sitting in groups.

Being lower in height makes glow poufs a great option for kids parties, and for younger children they’ll usually sit multiple people on one glow cube or cylinder either back to back or side by side.

At Glow Furniture all our glow pouf furniture comes in 16 different colour options with a wireless remote control to choose between fade, strobe or still modes. The pouf shapes we have available are,

Glow cubes – 40cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 40cm (H)

Glow Twisted Cube – 30cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 45cm (H)

Glow Sphere Chair – 55cm (W) x 45cm (H)

Glow Bongo Seats – 35cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 45cm (H)


Glow stools furniture

Whereas poufs go up to 45cm tall, glow stools and benches are at least 80cm tall. The cocktail stool is usually paired with a bar table with a dedicated single seat that’s 38cm wide. Cocktail stools and bar tables are great as the taller height draws your eye vertically and generally makes a room feel bigger and more spaced out.

The large glow cube can also be used as a stool and is 80cm x 80cm wide, and 85cm tall. Most large cubes can also seat more than one person comfortably, and are best for more lounge styled settings than cocktail.

Glow benches and lounge seats

Glow lounge benches and seaters are a terrific way to be able to seat larger groups of people, and usually are placed in a more styled arrangement to look even more vibrant lit up together. Rectangle benches are best against a wall or edge, and using curved benches or lounge suites if placing in an open floor or space.

The lounge seaters come in a doubles or minimum three pieces, each piece which can be set to different or matching colours. Lounge suites are usually hired between three to seven pieces in total. The central pieces are straight edged, with both end options being rounded to complete the look. Glow benches also alternate colours and can be selected to be set to the same or different colour settings when combining multiple bench arrangements.

Glow tables

Whilst glow poufs, stools, benches and lounge seaters are usually the most popular types of glow furniture, glow tables are also very effective. Glow banquet tables come in squares of 1.3m by 1.3m, or the round banquet table which is 1.8m in diameter. Both have internal batteries that lasts up to eight hours, so there are no visible cords. The glass top helps break up the brightness illuminated beneath and of course makes it much more practical to eat from!

At Glow Furniture, our coffee tables all come in low round shapes and are between 60cm to 100cm in diameter. The mushroom glow coffee table has a thinner base, more stem like (hence the name mushroom) which is 72cm tall. The glow yo-yo tables range between 60cm and 80cm in diameter and 40cm to 50cm tall. All tables also come in 16 colours with fade, strobe or still light modes.

Cocktail tables are 110cm tall. The rectangular cocktail table is 45cm wide, whereas the rounded cocktail table is slightly wider and 60cm in diameter. The cocktail tables can be easily paired with glow stools or cocktail bar seats.

For all your glow furniture hire needs, check out our full range at Glow Furniture or get in touch and one of our friendly staff would be happy to assist you!


Nick Zahra

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