The Most Common Asked Questions About Glow Furniture

January 31, 2020by Nick Zahra

Most people have seen glow furniture before and are familiar with what it is, but until you’re actually planning your own event and start looking into hiring light up furniture, it’s only then that lots of random questions start coming to mind! At Glow Furniture, we’re Sydney and Melbourne’s largest supplier of light up, glow furniture. We’ve supplied thousands of parties with glow furniture for various types of occasions—and yes, we’ve certainly seen it all when it comes to fielding customer questions.

Here is a list of the most common questions we asked by customers when they’re hiring glow furniture for the first time.

How does glow furniture work?

Glow furniture can also be known as LED furniture, which is its technical name. Light-emitting diodes are semiconductors that act as light sources. LED lights use very little power, which enables them to operate from a small battery pack that fits perfectly inside furniture installations!

Does glow furniture have cords?

Because glow furniture is powered by a small battery pack, they don’t require any cords to operate. The average battery pack can last between 6 to 8 hours, and being cordless means they’re practical to use at pretty much any event!

Is glow furniture heavy?

Glow furniture is sturdy and durable, and therefore heavier than regular plastic chairs. A 40cm glow cube stool, for example, is usually around 6kg, and a bar about 35kg. Whilst it’s not recommended you try to manoeuver your glow furniture hire around during the event or on the night, you can be confident that your furniture will be safe and reliable.

What kind of furniture comes in glow?

Glow furniture is available in nearly all types of furniture styles you can think of! From banquet-sized dining tables to coffee tables, lounge suites, benches, cocktail tables, stools—low and high, to fully operational bars.

For lounge suites, benches and bars, these can all be extended to whichever length you prefer. The stool range at Glow Furniture also provides various widths and heights, to perfectly accommodate what your event needs may be.

Check out our full product range of glow furniture here.

What colours does glow furniture come in?

Glow furniture illuminates across 16 different colour variations of the base hues red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink and white. To switch between colours, you can choose a fade or strobe rotation option.

Does glow furniture need to be used in the dark?

Contrary to what most people would think, glow furniture doesn’t actually need to be placed in the dark to have an illuminated effect. At Glow Furniture, we often hire out glow furniture products for day time events. Usually, the events transition into the afternoon and evening, which is entirely possible given glow furniture batteries last between 6 to 8 hours.

Is glow furniture hire expensive?

Glow furniture is just as affordable as regular furniture hire. The important thing to consider is that your furniture hire is quality so it looks effective, and is also reliable for the duration of your event. Glow Furniture is the largest supplier of illuminated furniture across Sydney and Melbourne, at the most affordable price. All glow furniture hire has the option of being self-collected from our warehouse or delivered to your venue for a small fee.

To view our full range click here, or get in touch with the Glow Furniture team for a free quote.

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