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Glow Letters are a great way to decorate your next event and add a personal touch. You can spell out your name, a partner’s name, a brand, message or something else you want to promote.

Our glow letters for hire in Sydney are available in all letters of the alphabet, from A-Z. We are the only supplier of glowing LED letters in Sydney. We keep all letters and multiple amounts of common letters and vowels, so on most occasions we will have what you’re looking to spell out available. They come with a remote and allow you to choose from 16 colours. You can set a fixed colour, or they can slowly transition through a mix of colours. The bets part is they are wireless and can be placed anywhere, with an internal battery inside giving 6-8 hours of illumination.

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Glow Furniture is Sydney and Melbourne’s largest illuminated furniture supplier. With over fifteen years in the industry, we still continue to be at the forefront of glow furniture supply for parties and events.

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