Glow Curved Bench



  • The glow bench has a dimension of 40cm x 40cm x 120cm
  • Can be used as seated bench, holds two people
  • Multiple benches can be placed to make semi circles, circles and snake like patterns
  • Interchangeable colours which can be changed with a remote control
  • Long lasting internal battery so you don’t see any cords
  • Comes charged and lasts 6-8 on a single charge


The glow curved bench is a fun way to create seating at your next event. The glow bench, also known as a snake bench, has a curved shape that allows you to create various shapes and patterns, such as a semi circle, full circle or places in a line to create a snake pattern.They are made from a hard and durable white resin plastic, that has LED lights inside, that shine through. it comes with a remote and you can choose from 16 colours and different remotes. They are battery powered and wireless, lasting 6-8 hours.

We hire curved glow benches across Sydney and Melbourne. Delivery is available at a small additional fee. The glow curved benches are great to combine with coffee tables.
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