Glow Curved Bar- Single Piece



  • 1 x Piece Bar (combine 3 to make a semi circle or 6 to make a full circle)
  • Dimensions: 130cm (W) across the front x 57cm (D) x 115cm (H)
  • Sixteen different colours to choose from which you can select via a remote
  • Wireless
  • Comes pre charged and lasts between 6-8 hours


The bar illuminates at night using special LED technology hidden in the base of the bars. This is hidden from view. The LED lighting projects a colour wash through the bar pieces, allowing them to light up in bright colours. There are sixteen different colours to choose from which you can select via a remote. There is also an option to set the bars to flash fast or fade slowly between colours.

The bars can also be labeled with your brands logo in a vinyl decal sticker for corporate events, or perhaps initials of your name for a birthday or a wedding. Please contact us if you wish to book or if you have any questions about our circular glow bars.
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Glow Furniture is Sydney and Melbourne’s largest illuminated furniture supplier. With over fifteen years in the industry, we still continue to be at the forefront of glow furniture supply for parties and events.

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