Glow Banquet Table Square



  • The glow banquet table has dimensions of 1.3m x 1.3m squared
  • It can seat 2 people per side, and 8 people in total
  • An illuminated cube sits under the glass top and lights up
  • It is ideal for weddings, banquets and dinners
  • The illuminated banquet table has interchangeable colours which can be changed with a remote control
  • They have a long lasting internal battery so you don’t see any cords, up to 8 hours of illumination


If you’re looking to make a decorative statement then the glow banquet tables are the way to do it. These stunning tables make any other function table look dull. Imagine a banquet table that illuminates in the centre and has a beautiful glass top. Well, imagine no more, the glow banquet tables are available to rent through Glow Furniture Hire.
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Glow Furniture is Sydney and Melbourne’s largest illuminated furniture supplier. With over fifteen years in the industry, we still continue to be at the forefront of glow furniture supply for parties and events.

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