Light Up, Glow Furniture Hire for Parties

January 28, 2020by Nick Zahra

Thinking about hiring glow furniture for your next event? Not sure where to start? Glow, light up furniture is just like hiring regular furniture – but cooler! There’s a reason why LED furniture hire has become so popular in the last few years. First of all, it looks awesome. It’s also comfortable to use, easy to set up and manoeuvre, comes in a variety of colours, and pretty much adds a wow factor to any special event.

When considering glow furniture and props, you’ll want to know your options are. With Glow Furniture Hire, they’re basically endless. Glow Furniture is Sydney and Melbourne’s largest hire supplier for illuminated furniture, and we continue to source new stock as it comes into fashion. When hiring glow, light up furniture, quality is extremely important, especially as your hire pieces are essentially totally operated by a chargeable battery – that lasts up to 8 hours.

Planning to host a birthday party, corporate event or a particularly special occasion and considering glow furniture hire? Here are the most common furniture items we see for hire the most often at Glow Furniture group.

Light up glow stools

Cubes, cylinders, spheres or bongo seats. Light up, glow stools literally come in all shapes and sizes! Most people will hire several of the same style, although there’s no rule against mix and matching too. The shortest glow stool starts at 40cm high and is the traditional light-up cube that’s an exact 40cm tall by 40cm wide and 40cm deep. The large cube, however, is double this size at 80cm wide and long, and 85cm tall. It’s a better option if you have guests that need more support and feel more comfortable sitting in furniture similar to a supportive chair or bench.

If you’re looking for a supportive stool, the sphere is a good option as it has the widest seat at 55cm, with some shallow back support. It also has a magical feel to it, seeing beautiful lit up balls fill a room.

The bongo, sphere and twisted cubes are all middle-range 45cm tall, with an average width between 30 to 40cm. These are the most unusual shapes and often hired for special effect. The bongo stools feel more ‘seat-like’, and as suggested above, the sphere and twisted cubes really have a magical, fantasy-like feel to them when set-up throughout a room!


Light up coffee tables

Coffee tables are just as fun as they are functional, especially if they light up! Glow coffee tables look great in a room and create an energetic atmosphere as they are a drawcard for bringing a group together. Whether it’s a 1 metre round mushroom-shaped table or a low, wide hourglass style table, all of Glow Furniture’s coffee tables have 16 different colour variations to choose from which can be set to a single colour or rotating. And the real extra factor if you choose for them to rotate? You can set the mode to fade or disco strobe!

Although technically the mushroom-shaped coffee tables are wider, they feel the slimmest of Glow Furniture’s hire range, as the base is thinner (like a mushroom stem!). When designing your event space, you should consider not just the true dimensions but also the effect of the furniture shape. This is especially something to be mindful of when your furniture is not subtle to look at, i.e. it’s lit up and glowing! The mushroom coffee table in having a slimmer base also means that guests can fit their legs beneath it if sitting on stools, whereas the hourglass, yo-yo coffee table has full edges that guests can only sit around, not beneath.

Light up lounge chairs

Well it makes sense if you’re having coffee tables you probably also want a sofa to kick back on. Glow Furniture Hire also has glow lounge chairs and suites that look just the same as a regular cushion lounge, except made of perspex and illuminated! And, they’re surprisingly comfortable! Glow lounge chairs come in a minimum of two pieces as a double seater lounge, with an extendable middle section by adjoining other pieces to its edges.

There are also single armchair options, so you can really replicate a lit up lounge room environment. Each piece can be individually set to a chosen colour, so you don’t even have to match if you prefer rainbow!

Light up benches

If you’re looking for a lighter option, benches are great. In the same way, that lounge suites can be extended by adding middle sections, all of Glow Furniture’s benches are also able to be lengthened and shortened by adding additional pieces. Our benches come in rectangular or curved shapes and can hold at least two people. The curved benches can be shaped into semi-circles, full circles or a snake-like extending shape in a room. Benches are suitable for cocktail events without formal seating, or if you want to create a dramatic effect by having feature pieces that extend in a room.


Light up glow bars, high stools and cocktail tables

A bar area is just as effective as a lounge area, in that it creates a sense of atmosphere and brings a crowd together. Cocktail tables and high stool chairs are always a crowd pleaser and perfect for standing events or if you want to create a more relaxed vibe. Light up cocktail tables come in round or square, with matching round glow bar stools that have a shallow back rim for support.

Light up glow bars is a sure crowd-pleaser. All glow bars come in individual pieces, that you can also join together. The bar has a dedicated taller front, with ample bench space behind to serve from. Straight shaped bars adjoin horizontally, whereas the curved, rounded bars join to form a semi-circle shape, available in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The maximum width you can extend a flow circular bar to is approximately 2.9 metres and consists of three total pieces. If you’re looking to extend your bar area further than this, you’ll be best to opt for the straight bars that you can line up.

Plus, if you really want to take your glow bar up a notch, you can add glow bar accessories like ice buckets, wine coolers and bottle shelves!

Ready to plan your next glow party event? Contact Glow Furniture for all your light up furniture needs. With more than a decade of industry experience, our team will be happy to help and ensure your party event is unforgettable!

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