How to plan a party with glow hire furniture

September 28, 2019by Nick Zahra

Glow hire furniture has a special wow factor at party events and is becoming popular for all types of occasions. From corporate party events to birthdays, festivals and conferences, glow hire furniture is sure not to disappoint the guests or the host!

There are a few unique factors to consider though when hiring glow furniture and planning your party. Here at Glow Hire Funiture Group are our top tips of what to know when planning a party with glow furniture.

Dim the lighting

Yes, this one might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often it can be overlooked. It doesn’t have to be night time or dark per say, however the room or area should be dimly lit so the glow furniture can glow! If your event is during the day, you’ll need to consider different times which windows and natural light will be affected. For example, east facing windows will have light until around midday, of whereas any west facing windows will be catching the afternoon sun. Blockout blinds are an easy way around this, or if you don’t require any light or window access, you could always use a prop or themed partition wall to block the area.


Glow furniture will last 6 to 8 hours

All glow furniture hire comes pre-charged and lasts between 6 to 8 hours. This timing will need to be factored into your event, so you don’t have a dreaded situation of your glow furniture losing it’s shine before the party has ended! To ensure you maximise the hours of your glow furniture, be firm with your guests about making an effort to arrive on time. You could even offer a small incentive, for example, free drink on arrival before 8pm if the event starts at 7pm! The best and most convenient thing about glow furniture hire is that you don’t need to worry about charging beforehand or recharging during the event.


Create a floor plan with where you plan to place your furniture

Having a floor plan is the easiest way to map out and plan your event space. A floor plan helps to know your envisaged event space will be planned with accuracy, and avoid any last minute panic! If you’re hiring an area, it’s best to ask the venue for an empty floor plan template that you can work on top of. At Glow Furniture, all our furniture hire specifications are provided on our website and our friendly staff are happy to assist. Depending on what items of furniture you need and are hiring for, one approach is to start with how many guests you want to be sitting, standing or utilizing the furniture item and working around this. For example the rectangular glow banquet table can seat eight people in total (four on each side), whereas the round banquet table can seat up to 10. If you’re planning an event for 60 guests, you already know that you’ll need  of the rectangular tables, and eight round banquets.

Glow Furniture banquet bridal tables

Theme the event around your glow furniture

A fun idea to get everyone up and glowing (excuse the dad joke!), is to set a party event theme inviting everyone to get dressed up. Themes are a great way to lift the energy and are an effective way to have your guests feeling a little more loosened up when everyone is in a bit of fancy dress. It also can help guide what other decor to feature, music to play, invitations to send and more. Themes are a terrific way to help bring the entire space together. A few glow party theme ideas are, the most obvious first one being, “Glow in the Dark”, as well as fantasy, sci-fi, disco, all in white, intergalactic and if you want to keep it broad, you could always just leave it at “fancy dress”.

Add glow accessories

With or without a theme, glow accessories are always fun. In addition to glow furniture, there’s also glow bars available, glow ice buckets, drink tubs, glow shelf displays, decorative spheres, pillars and glow cocktail tables. Plus, there’s the old fashioned favourite glow sticks that are a cheap and easy accessory to give to guests on arrival, or if you really want to make a statement you can hire glow letters or numbers to spell a special or specific message.

For a UV glow, hire a black light

If you’re after a UV glow, you know the one where if you’re wearing white on the dance floor, all of a sudden you’re fabulously fluorescent? To create this effect is not simply by being in the dark, but needs a special UV light referred to as a black light. UV bulbs contain a small amount of mercury so that when lit up, UV light is emitted. It’s this UV light that causes white to become fluorescent. The glow created by UV lights looks even cooler when surrounded by glow furniture and decor!


Set up a glow dance floor

Everybody knows the dance floor is really where the party is at! Set up some reflective colourful lights surrounded by glow furniture, and create a party atmosphere that no moving body can resist!

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