How does glow furniture work?

September 28, 2019by Nick Zahra

Glow furniture is becoming increasingly popular and a hit for event spaces. Whether it’s for a private or corporate event, glow furniture always looks impressive and best of all is functional, low cost and safe to use. So whilst marveling at that colourful, illumines glow, you might find yourself asking, how does the glow behind the lighting actually work?

Glow furniture is powered by LED lights

Glow furniture is also known as LED furniture. LED stands for light-emitting diodes which are semi conductors used as light sources, and compared to regular lightbulbs are more efficient at turning energy into light, therefore generate less heat. Because LED lights use very little power, they can operate from a small battery pack that don’t require any corded power sources, hence making them perfect for using inside glow furniture ranges!

Glow lounge furniture

Glow furniture lounge suites come in two to seven seater lounges. The lounges come in pieces including ends and straight pieces, so theoretically you can make the lounge as long, short or wide as you like! The LED glow light lasts 6 to 8 hours and you can switch and choose between the colours with a remote control. Each lounge section lets you choose from sixteen colour variations that can be mix and matched, or set to be all the same.

Glow coffee, banquet and bar tables

Glow tables are a fun way for your guests to get more interactive with your glow furniture theme. Whether it’s a coffee or bar table to rest your drink on, or a full scale glowing banquet table complete with dining chairs, service from a glow table undoubtedly is a cool experience. Glow tables also come in various sizes, so you can style your event accordingly. Rectangular glow tables are used more for banquet and sit down settings and look impressive individually spaced out, or lined up together. Similar to the glow chairs you can choose whether to alternate or match the glow colours.


Glow decorative features

Letters, numbers and unique shapes are also available as part of glow furniture hire packages. Letters and numbers can be hired to spell any words or combinations of your choosing. If you have a hashtag as part of your event, having this visible in glow letters is an easy and fun way to make sure your guests know what the social handle is to participate. For brand activations, glow letters are a perfect value add for clients and effective when visible in the event photography. Glow letters are available in 16 various colours, with a remote control to choose your selection. You can even set the letters to be on a constant colour rotation, so you don’t have to worry about changing this throughout the evening as it will all be automated!

Looking for a fun way to jazz up the bar? Glow ice buckets make great ornamental pieces and work both for self-service and hosted bars. If you’re looking for a display area, bottle shelf glow displays are generally used for bottle displays behind the bar, however they can also be used for displaying desserts or food at catering events. To create a wider display, you can simply join multiple together, and in the same way you’d join the lounge pieces or cube tables, with the remote control you can choose whether to match these or alternate.

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