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September 28, 2019by Nick Zahra

Want to make Halloween extra spooky this year? Consider hiring glow furniture for your Halloween party! With sixteen colour rotations to choose from, you don’t even need to stick with the traditional black and orange! Here are a few glowing Halloween ideas to help get you started.

Turn your glowing stools into glowing ghouls

Set the glow colour to white and stick on a pair of big googly eyes from Spotlight and voula! Just be sure to use a removable sticker so you don’t damage the stool. Another way around this is to get a big, thin, plain white sheet, stick the eyes on these and drape it over the stool. You could then still use the rotating glow colours as the shape will still look ghostly and have a white tone to it.


String cobwebs across your glow furniture

This is super easy to do and looks effective. The cobwebs also tend to take the colour of the glow furniture so it looks like it’s really meant to be part of the whole piece. Decorative cobwebs are usually found during Halloween season at local discount or novelty stores for a few dollars. Otherwise check out this big cobweb stretchy ball available on Amazon.

Set up a spooky bar

If you have bar staff, ask the to dress up either in general theme, or specifically as the bar staff. For example, zombie bartenders and zombie bride barmaids. The glow bar will make their costumes stand out even more and you can also use a glow ice bucket, drinks tub or drinks display to add on as part of this. If you’re preparing cocktails, get creative with the names and see if you can theme it too, i.e. Murder Margaritas.

Create Halloween themed event signage

If your Halloween event has a special hashtag or named theme, use glow letters and numbers to create signage for this. The colours can be set to your choosing, so you can keep this to orange and black, or use other colours if you prefer! Event signage can be a fun way to welcome your guests or share a message. A play on words is always fun, a few favourites being:

Ghoul Evening

Happy Howl-o-ween

Park your broom


and so on!

Add some Halloween party food

There are loads of easy to make Halloween party food ideas that are sure to delight and fill up your guests. From simple spider cupcakes to xxx, Pinterest and the internet will be your best friend to discover hundreds of Halloween inspired recipes. Check out these Halloween party food compilations we found on Taste.com.au and Kidspot.

Eyeball cupcake recipe by Kidspot

Set up a Halloween trick or treat hunt for the kids

Every parents loves that easter egg hunts keep the kids entertained for hours, why not replicate this with a trick or treat hunt on Halloween? Hide candy and spooky toys and create a game where each treat (candy) is worth 1 point, and trick (spooky toy) is minus 1. Plus, with glow furniture, the kids will love hunting around and searching around the glow furniture set-ups. If you really wanted to get creative you could even set the furniture to specific colours and give clues as to where the tricks and treat are hidden based on this!


Halloween musical chairs with glow stools

Another fun game idea is Halloween musical chairs, using glow stools. In case you need your memory jogged, musical chairs works where everyone forms a single file and circles a group of chairs, usually set up back to back and one on each end to keep things fair. Music is playing and when the music stops, each person has to quickly find and sit on a chair to stay in the game. There’s always one less chair than people, so each round one person will be eliminated. In this case, with the glow furniture, instead of removing the chairs you can set the colours so that for example black means that chair is no longer in the game. Or, if you want to make it a bit more challenging, you could set a different chair colour for each round, so that everyone has to find a chair lit up in that colour to sit on!

Have we spooked you out or inspired you? If you’re looking for great value glow furniture for your next Halloween party or special event, check out Glow Furniture Hire for the best rates and access across Sydney.


Nick Zahra

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