Glow Hire Furniture for New Years Eve Parties

December 19, 2019by Nick Zahra

Planning a new years eve party and looking for a little wow factor? Glow furniture is an awesome option for many reasons:

  • It looks great. That’s right, your guests will definitely be impressed.
  • It’s easy to set up. Yep, they’re lightweight so it’s easy to move around and pack down.
  • They’re comfortable and designed for parties. Stools, cocktail tables, banquet dining tables, lounge chairs and more. There’s literally nearly every item of furniture you could think of available in glow.

Glow furniture is powered by an LED light that is battery operated. A battery will last between 6 to 8 hours of glow time before needing to be recharged, making it suitable for evening events. Whilst all your furniture and features will glow in any setting, low lighting is obviously preferred to get the most out of your glow furniture hire. When planning glow hire furniture for your party event, here’s what you need to know.

All glow furniture pieces have 16 adjustable, colour variations

Picked a colour and changed your mind? No problem! All glow furniture comes in 16 colour variations, which is adjustable with a remote control. You can choose to set your item to a single colour or rotating. It makes glow hire furniture even more versatile and useful, especially if you want to keep your options open or have more than one feature colour present.

You should keep in mind that each piece of furniture is powered by an individual battery back, therefore if you’re choosing to rotate colours for multiple pieces, you’re going to have to perfectly time switching the rotation on all of them to ensure they alternate simultaneously! For connecting pieces it’s recommended to stick to one colour, unless of course you don’t mind the variance in timing – or if you have coordination super powers!

Hire the new year date in glow numbers

It wouldn’t be a new years party without having the new year date in some unmissable signage! And if you’ve already committed to glow furniture, it would be sacrilegious to not display this in gold numbers too! Glow numbers and letters are a fabulous way to send a party message. Each letter and number is an individual piece, so you can mix and match however you like. It’s also powered by a battery lasting between 6 to 8 hours, and comes in 16 remote controlled colour variations.

All letters come in capital letters only.

Include different seating and table arrangements

Most new years eve parties are cocktail, so will usually require a mix of sitting and standing table arrangements. We recommend including a few different seating and table arrangement options for these reasons:

  • It gives guests more choice to sit, stand or dine depending on how they’re feeling. Whilst more social guests might be happy to stand and mingle all evening and only require a bar table or two to rest a drink, this may not be everyone’s vibe.
  • Variable seating and standing options help the room to feel more dynamic. It can look very simple when you have one open space and matching cocktail tables and bar chairs set up symmetrically. Variable heights, table styles and seating make your eyes bounce around the room as you’re catching the different edge points. This can create a more informal, relaxed atmosphere and helps to open up the space.
  • Sydney New Years Eve is usually a longer night. Well you know it’s at least until midnight which might be longer party hours for some people! Depending what time you start, there is likely to be different parts of the evening where your guests will socialising and mingling, having something to eat, dancing, or wanting to take a break. Different table and chair arrangements are the perfect way to cater for this.

Time activating your glow furniture with your party hours

If you party starts at 6pm and you want your glow furniture lit up for when people arrive, it will last until about 2am. If you’d prefer your glow furniture to be glowing later on into the evening (or early hours of the morning), then you should turn it on later, i.e. between 8pm to 10pm. This is when daylight savings is even more appreciated, as sunset is usually around 7pm on the east coast, so you’re best to turn on your glow furniture when daylight is nearly over.

Ready to plan your best new year’s party yet? Visit Glow Furniture for a full range of glow furniture hire with the best quality and most affordable prices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Nick Zahra
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