Glow Hire Furniture for Birthday Parties

February 26, 2020by Nick Zahra

Planning a birthday party and considering glow furniture hire? Glow furniture at birthday parties looks terrific and is a fun way to theme a party or add an extraordinary effect to an event space. The options for glow hire furniture is extensive, meaning that you can pretty much design your birthday party event space, in any way that you like. From tables and chairs to glow bars and decorative pieces, lounge chairs, coffee tables and more – at Glow Furniture Hire, we have the largest range of illuminated furniture supply across Sydney and Melbourne. For over fifteen years we’ve been helping customers plan their glow hire for birthday parties, and we’ve really “seen it all” when it comes to organising party events. So what are the most common combinations for glow furniture hire? Here’s a list of the most popular styles of furniture regularly hired for glow party packages.

High table and bar chair hire

High tables are ideal for birthday party events as they are usually cocktail/standing parties with guests mingling, and sometimes dancing! High tables are a great way to enable socializing. They give guests a clear, physical space to congregate around, somewhere to rest their drink or perhaps their elbows, and create a welcoming atmosphere by providing a visual cue of specific areas that guests can comfortably interact. It also feels more relaxed to stand and socialise around a table than hovering around an empty space as a group!

High tables look terrific when placed throughout a room. Glow high tables especially look best as a few pieces scattered around a smaller space, or several tables deliberately placed amongst a larger event room. High tables can be paired with high bar chairs, wire stools or tolix stools look great, or kept as stand-alone pieces. If you really want to go all out with the theme, you could even pair your glow high tables with glow bar stools.

Glow cocktail tables are 110cm tall and between 45cm to 60cm wide, so they generally fit well in most spaces without consuming too much room. Each bar table can fit up between four to five high chairs comfortably.

Both glow high tables and glow bar stools come in 16 colour variations with the option of fade or strobe effects to switch between colours.  Or you can also choose to fix the colour on any of the 16 colours available. All glow furniture comes pre-charged with a battery life of between 6 to 8 hours.

Glow lounges and single low seats

Similar to high tables, glow lounges and low stools create a relaxed, social atmosphere at birthday party events. They’re an easy way to provide comfortable seating, and convenient to enable mingling and interaction amongst guests. Glow lounges start as double seaters and can extend to be three, four, five and up to seven seats. Each seat is an individual piece that joins together, so you can also choose whether to have these as matching or different colours. The pieces also come in different angles, so you can arrange your lounge chairs to be a straight line or in a curved shape and rounded so you face each other slightly in.

Illuminated single armchairs are also popular and most lounge suite arrangements will usually include a few to break up an area. Other single seater options include spheres and cube stools. The standard glow cube is 40cm, and the glow twisted cube is 30cm x 45cm tall, both comfortably seating one person. The larger glow cube is 80cm wide and can seat two people on either side. The glow spheres and ottomans are similar, bongo seats being 35cm wide, and cylinder seats varying between single and double seater sizes. The glow sphere chair is the most similar to an actual seat, with a curved back for support, and 55cm in width, making it a bit roomier as a single seater.

When hiring glow furniture, you don’t need to decide on a colour immediately. Each item can alternate between 16 different colour options, so you can literally confirm your furniture scheme at the last minute, or change your mind as you go! Generally, we notice most customers opt for a rainbow colour scheme or one colour only. The illuminated glow of the furniture is already quite dramatic, and when placed throughout a room, rainbow or a single colour tends to look more effective.

Glow bar hire

For those who are really committed to the illuminated theme, it will be hard to hire a glow package without wanting to also add a glow bar and accessories. Glow bars don’t just look great, they also serve another useful purpose – they’re identifiable! Especially if you choose to set the bar to a single, distinctive colour, it becomes pretty convenient for some guests that they know, for example, they just have to look out for the blue bar across the room! Some birthday parties opt to only have the bar as their glow furniture feature piece, and perhaps might have smaller glow items to complement such as the cube and sphere stools, or number and letter accessories.

At Glow Furniture, our glow bars come in several style and shape choices. Similar to the lounge suites, these are also assembled in pieces so you can choose the shape you prefer. The straight bar starts as a single piece and is our most popular option for birthday parties at smaller venues, or as a front shop with a hidden storage area that fits ice subs or glassware. The straight bar is 110cm tall, 80cm deep and 90cm wide, and can be extended as long as you wish. An important consideration which sometimes hosts overlook, is how many people will be serving behind the bar. Even if you only have one or two bartenders, it can become crowded pretty quickly when collecting glassware and having guests hanging around the bar area if the space is too small. Generally for events with more than 30 people, we recommend a two piece minimum for the straight bar hire.

The curved glow bar single piece is slightly wider, at 130cm. Curved bars create a bit more subtle separation between bartenders and guests, as most people will congregate around the centre to be served. This is a good idea if you have bar runners or people who need to get in and out from behind the bar easily. If ensuring that the bar service area is kept clear is important, the curved two or three piece circular bar is a better option. These bars are much rounder and therefore create a clearer separation between those behind the bar serving, and people in front who want to be served!

Glow Accessories

Glow letters and numbers are most often hired for celebratory occasions, whether it’s a birthday party, engagement party or momentous occasion, glow letters and numbers are generally used to display some kind of message. For birthday parties it’s usually a significant number or surprise message and well wishes. Whatever the sentiment is of the message you want to communicate, glow letters and numbers are an impressive way to do it!

If you’re planning a birthday party celebration and looking for glow furniture hire, we have the widest range of glow furniture across Sydney and Melbourne. Our friendly team would be happy to help you plan an unforgettable birthday party. You can check out our range online and contact our team here.

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