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December 22, 2019by Nick Zahra

Looking for theme ideas for your glow party event? Look no further, we have a full list of top theme ideas for glow parties, including a guide to complimentary glow furniture and accessories to give your party that extra wow factor. Before jumping into theme ideas, first let’s recap on what you’ll need to set up your glow party event space.

Glow furniture is powered by a battery pack that sits inside your furniture or decorative item, and is not visible from the outside. All batteries last for between six to eight hours when fully charged. The LED light colour variations are selected via a wireless remote control. Glow furniture comes in many different options from low lounges and cube stools, to bar chairs, high tables, banquet dining tables and decorative accessories including letters and numbers. The seated furniture is all very comfortable and the tables fully functional. Glow furniture is an ideal choice for any occasion, whether it’s a formal, sit-down event, a standing cocktail party or corporate function, glow furniture is sure to look terrific and be well received by your guests.

When considering theme ideas for your glow party, here are our top picks.

Go Glow

The most obvious complimentary theme is to invite your guests to also dress in glow! If you plan on having a black UV light, white clothing will light up and glow blue. Fluorescent colours will also be picked up under a black light. Guest can wear fluorescent body paint, nail polish, and clothing, and feel extra festive being lit up! You can also add fluorescent paper plates, cups, balloons and decorations to really accentuate the glow theme. If you want to get crafty, you can even use fluorescent highlighters on paper to create signs, or as markers on paper plates and cups. Make sure to do a test run beforehand, as not all highlights are guaranteed to be fluorescent, yellow is usually the most reliable, as well as pink and green. Check out this post of things that glow under a black light.


You can’t go wrong with a spooky theme. It’s easy to dress up, guaranteed fun and the decoration possibilities are endless. String some cobwebs, throw around a few plastic creepy crawlies (otherwise known as spiders), blow up some white ghost balloons then turn down the lights and put on some eerie background music. Glow furniture looks amazing when everyone is dressed in spooky theme, imagine a banquet table with witches, wizards and vampires ready to feast! If hiring glow banquet or dining tables, or even a glow cocktail table or bar, another fun ideas is to add a cauldron prop on top! Other table prop ideas that are easy to find and add on top are pumpkins, lab test tubes (like potions), sage sticks, some day of the dead skulls or even a few candles.

For more spooky ideas, check out our Halloween party tips here.

Intergalactic, Out of Space Theme

Glow furniture can have a very futuristic, out of this world feel to it – which makes an intergalactic space theme totally possible to pull off, with not too much effort. Hang some star bunting, scatter star confetti on table tops, and be sure to include at least one disco ball from the ceiling! You can buy shiny helium balloons that come in crescent moon shapes, and you can even get some cheap fabric from Spotlight that has rockets in space to create a mural hanging. If your guests are looking for dress-up ideas, aliens and martians are easy to dress up as, or if all else fails – just add glitter!

When in Vegas

Filling a room with glow furniture can create a dramatic, glamorous atmosphere, making Las Vegas an awesome theme choice. Turn round banquet tables into roulette or black jack, and make the most of the red and white colour options for high tables and glow stools. Use decks of cards and poker chips to play gambling games, or use them purely for decoration! Invite your guests to get glammed up for a day at the tables – think long evening dresses and freshly pressed suits. Neon signs are everywhere in Vegas or Melbourne, and using glow letters is a great way to recreate this! Hire glow letters to spell “Vegas”, “Las Vegas” or if you really want to send a message, the timeless saying “When in Vegas”!

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Lewis Carrol’s 1960s story of Alice in Wonderland has made quite a comeback at parties around the world. From “Down the Rabbit Hole” themed escape rooms, to “Mad Hatter” bottomless mimosa brunch tea parties! When planning a Mad Hatter Tea Party, think whimsical, bright, and as eclectic as possible. Glow furniture looks incredible when going for this vibe, and creates a real theatrical effect when illuminated throughout a room. Glow cube and round stools scattered in various colours across the room not only looks great, but also makes a suitable seating option for party guests. Place some pot plants and greenery in between to really create an enchanted garden feel. Use tea cups to drink out of and tea pots to serve from. And the best accessory of all? Everyone wearing mad party hats of course!

For more glow party inspiration, check out Glow Furniture’s full range of glow furniture and party accessories available here. For the best quote, contact our friendly staff who are happy to assist.

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