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November 25, 2019by Nick Zahra

Glow furniture is becoming increasingly popular and whilst your first thought of hiring glow furniture is likely to consider chairs, tables, lounges and traditional items, there are also a range of glow decorative accessories and items that make a great addition to any event. Whether they’re ornamental pieces like a sphere or pillar, functional items like a wine bucket or bar shelf, or special effect displays such as lit up numbers or letters, you can specially curate your event to maximise glow feature items and feel highly personalised. When deciding what glow decorative items to hire, here is our full guide of the best options available,

Glow decorative bar items

Glow bar items look awesome and are a bar is the perfect place to curate a bit of extra atmosphere at your next event. Using glow bar features is also an effective way to use dim lighting in the bar area and still ensure it’s visible enough to provide service.

Glow ice bucket

Glow ice buckets are convenient and look terrific. Easily set on a communal serving table, high bar table or on the bar as a display item, most ice buckets are used as a wine holder or as a serving portion for beer or pre-mix drinks. If you want a way to jazz up non-alcoholic drinks, glow ice buckets are also a fun way to serve water, soft drinks or juice.

There’s no safety hazards or concerns with all glow ice buckets being cordless, running off internal batteries that last up to eight hours. With 16 various colours you can choose whether to set this to one for the evening, or set a rotating fast flash or slow fade between colours.

See more about hiring glow ice buckets here.

Open glow cube ice tubs

Similarly glow cube ice tubs make great displays, and more often used as ice buckets for bottled drinks. Glow ice tubs are wider than buckets, 41cm by 41cm, so you’ll need to a slightly bigger space to fit these comfortably on your table. With 16 colour variations to choose from (all selected via wireless remote), glow ice tubs theme in with any event setting.

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Bottle shelf display

Light-up bottle shelf displays are commonly used behind bars as a means of providing a visible menu to patrons. The LED lights make it easier to read the labels from afar, and is an impressive way to showcase a bottled menu. To set up the display your bar will need to be at least 65cm wide, and 30cm deep. The colours can be fixed or rotating and the internal battery lasts up to eight hours.


Glow prop items

When lighting up a floor event space, props are a great way to fill an area. The same as you would position plants, rugs or feature items in between lounges, stools and dining, glow props are a unique alternative or complimentary feature to these items.

Glow sphere ball hire

Glow spheres come in three sizes, small 40cm diameter, medium 50cm and large 60cm. When you have an entire room set up with glow furniture, spheres scattered throughout look amazing and help bring the whole theme together so it’s not just furniture that is the feature (especially for when the furniture is being used). In a dimly lit room, glow spheres also are well placed with plant ornaments, as it’s able to cast some light onto branches or leaves which adds to the special effect.

Glow spheres look great alongside big, statement plants
Glow pillars

Glow pillars are commonly used for creating a dramatic entrance or walkway. They’re also an impressive way to create height to a floor space and decorate an area whilst still creating a sense of space with the height drawing guests eyes upwards. All glow pillars come in 16 interchangeable colours with a wireless remote control to choose between still, fade or strobe settings.

Glow letters and numbers

Whether it’s a special birthday, holiday or anniversary event, or a corporate brand sponsorship, glow letters and numbers are perfect for communicating your message. With all letters and numbers being wireless, you can spell your message practically anywhere and be confident that your glow will last for up to six to eight hours.

With 16 colour variations to choose from, you can rotate colours during the evening, set these to be matching or alternate – whichever takes your fancy. With a wireless remote you can full control over your display.

For more details and assistance with hiring glow furniture accessories, contact Glow Furniture and one of our friendly team members would be happy to assist.


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